GTA 5 Mod Menu for PC, PS4 & Xbox One

Epsilon Menu™ is the latest generation mod menu for GTA 5 Online

Epsilon menu showcase in GTA V
  • Change RP Rank
  • ALL Unlocks
  • Money Drops
  • Spawn Vehicles
  • God mode

And much, much more.


No jailbreak needed for PS4 and Xbox Consoles!


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Want to get infinite money in GTA Online? Epsilon menu will let you spawn as many money drops as you want.

You’re now rich, you’re welcome!


Latest User Reviews

Works for FiveM RP and Rage MP

I’ve used Epsilons’ GTA 5 mod menu online now for 3 weeks and I can’t recommend it enough.

I even use it on FiveM RP and Rage MP without any issues. If you’re looking for a menu that won’t get you banned, you’ve come to the right place. 10/10!


Still undetected after 5 months!

This mod menu is so awesome. I’ve used it almost daily for the past 5 months without any issues. Highly recommended for anyone that wants to have some fun online. Oh and the support is amazing as well! 🙂


Best trainer for GTA Online

Excellent menu, what else is there to say. I had a slight issue but it was quickly fixed by updating net framework on my PC. I think it was Carole Baskins fault lol.

Great trainer for GTA Online, you’re missing out if you don’t own this menu.


Menu Features:

money drop in GTA Online with epsilon menu

ALL Unlocks

Want weapons, vehicles, tattoos, clothes and more unlocked? Epsilon menu got you covered with all unlocks.

RP Rank Boost

Tired of being low level? Our trainer will let you change your RP rank to whatever you want, in the matter of seconds.


Don’t want to travel across Los Santos in a vehicle? Our mod menu now lets you teleport to any player or location.

Spawn Vehicles

Spawn any car, bike, helicopter or plane with our mod menu. You can even upgrade the vehicle before you spawn it thanks to our new feature.

Change Clothes

Tired of your current wardrobe in GTA Online? Our menu lets you change clothes at any time, wherever you are.

Get Any Weapon

Get all weapons within seconds with our weapon feature. You can get any possible weapon within seconds, completely free.

God Mode

Want to be unbeatable? Well now you can with our God Mode feature. You won’t take any bullet, fire or fall damage with this mode. Untouchable!

Aimbot (Auto Aim)

The aimbot feature can be extremly helpful in GTA Online, as it will automatically aim at your opponents head. It can even shoot for you too.

ESP Wallhack

Want to see where your enemies are at any time? Our ESP hack will let you see your enemies at all times, through walls and other objects.

The Epsilon mod menu get new features as we roll out updates.


Epsilon is compatible with...

Steam/Social Club

Rockstar Social Club and Steam

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Xbox One

Xbox One and 360

PS4 and Xbox One requires a USB flash drive. No jailbreak is needed.

We have got some good news for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners with our latest update! Our mod menu trainer is now fully compatible with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

With our GTA 5 mod menu for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you can do tons of things that you normally cannot with regular Grand Theft Auto gameplay.

So, if you were wondering when you were going to catch a sniff of GTA Online mods with your PS4 and Xbox One, now is that time! Our GTA 5 mod menu offers a rich compilation of unique gameplay features that elevates your in-game experience to the next level.

However, unlike PC, you will need to download our software via a USB flash drive and connect that to your PS4 and Xbox One. You also do not have to worry about jeopardizing your PS4 and Xbox One default system. That’s because our software does not require a jailbreak.

In a nutshell – you get access to all our crazy and fun features without putting your gaming console at risk.

PS4 Xbox one USB mod menu trainer

How To Use Epsilon Menu on PS4 or Xbox One

Installing our GTA 5 Online mod menu is also a breeze and hassle-free process. As mentioned earlier, if you want to use it on your PS4 or Xbox One, you should have your USB flash drive ready. You can then download our trainer software and voila – Your GTA USB mod menu is now ready at your disposal.

There are, however, some additional software you may require to get the mods running on your gaming console. Script hook V is an extensive software that allows you to connect to the game’s single-player code.

The other file is the LUA plugin that helps in implementing low-level in-game alterations like media manipulation, voice recording, routing, etc.

You can simply visit their respective websites and install them at an instant – simple and hassle-free! Check out the instructions manual in the Epsilon Menu download file for more information.

Loading third party mods into the trainer

With our GTA 5 mod menu for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you can do tons of things that you normally cannot with regular GTA gameplay. Some of the third party GTA V mods you can load into the trainer include the Euro truck simulator that allows you to drive around Europe. You can also receive contracts from various people and complete missions to earn money and build a reputation.

The Home Invasion mod is another great custom mod that allows you to freely burgle any house at will. Now, that may sound disturbing, but in the world of GTA 5, this mod is practically a gold mine. This mod allows you to either enter houses guns blazing or sneak in and rob the residents at gunpoint.

Best of all, you can also choose between several types of houses to rob, including mansions. These houses will be marked on your map, so you can easily spot the ones to rob.

Other types of mods include Iron Man mod, Real California Architecture mod, NaturalVision Remastered mod, etc. These mods affect different aspects of your game and help you to experience a whole new and fresh in-game perspective.

If you are tired and bored of playing the same set of gameplay that the regular version of GTA 5 offers, our eccentric and fun mod menu trainer is just the thing for you!

GTA 5 Online gameplay on PC

How to Install Epsilon Mod Menu

Now, that you have figured out which mod you like you need to know how you are going to install them into your game. The process is relatively easy, and you don’t have to do much about them.

But first and foremost, there are few things that you should keep in mind before installing them in. Keep them in a separate folder where they are easy to locate and then you can download the mods and get them on your computer.

There are few files that you might need in order to get the mods working, they are not mod specific but they are required to get every mod running and help in altering the games’ coding and in turn, running the mods in-game.

Two files are Script Hook V and GTA V LUA Plugin. Script Hook V allows you to connect into the single player code of the GTA 5 game and the LUA helps with the editing of the gaming language and adding mods to the game. You can visit their websites and download as per their instructions which is really easy to do.

  • Download the mod which you like in the folder and extract all the files there (since the mods come in zip files you have to extract them)
  • Now you need to find a file like this: – “Nameofyourmod.dll” and paste it in “SteamSteamAppscommonGrandTheftAutoVscriptsaddins”. Of course, the location is dependent on where you installed the steam on your computer, but you get the idea of where to put the file from this.

And that is it, all you have to do after this just sit back and open the game. Now you can test the mod out and see if it is working or not. If it is not working, we suggest you reinstall the two software that we just described and then add the file as per the instructions.

GTA Online mods

Why Choose Epsilon Menu?

Epsilon Menu has earned its reputation for excellence in the modding community due to:

  • Reliability: Our menu is extensively tested and trusted by thousands of players worldwide.
  • Security: We prioritize your safety with advanced anti-detection measures and constant updates.
  • Support: Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with any inquiries or issues you may encounter.
  • Customization: Tailor your gaming experience with a wide array of mods and settings available at your fingertips.
  • Continued Development: We are committed to improving and adding new features based on user feedback and the evolving gaming landscape.